IBM Websphere Commerece Server Training


The instructor led course includes presentations, hands-on exercises designed to help the student utilize the skills acquired. This course is designed for Administrators/ programmer/analysts who implement WebSphere Commerce Server.

WebSphere Commerce Server 6.0, Development / Administration and Business administration

This program provides an overview of WebSphere Commerce Server, Features model for e-commerce using B2C, B2B and value chain.

This course offers basic instruction, through lecture and hands-on exercises. (5 days)

WebSphere Commerce Server Training

  • WebSphere Commerce Server Overview
  • Installation & Configuration, Deployment
  • New Functions and Features
  • Packaging
  • Software and Hardware Prerequisites / Installation and Configuration / Tools Overview
  • MVC Pattern
  • B2C, B2B and Value chains
  • Shipping, Taxation and Payment Customization

  • Development frameworks
  • Develop extended sites
  • Develop Starter stores
  • Custom development of WCS
  • Catalog Loads
  • Integration of ERP with WCS
  • Best Practices
  • Controller Commands / Task Commands / View Commands
  • Model view interaction
  • Tracing and Logging
  • Analyzing Log Files

  • Common Problems and Resolutions
  • Measuring EJB and command performance using Resource Analyzer
  • Advanced Understanding of Order, Catalog, and Member Subsystems
  • Database Tables and Their Purpose
  • Available EJB Components / Developing Custom JSPs
  • Extending Existing Commands / Combining Existing Commands
  • Sample Customization Scenario