IBM Websphere Process Server Training

The IBM WebSphere Process Server is a comprehensive service-oriented platform for architecture integration that allows users to create and improve integration applications in a dynamic way. This platform also allows users to integrate existing applications and new ones, thus helping create a common platform through which all applications can work transparently.

Shalom IT School is a key trainer in this area of expertise and provides well designed course material that helps students familiarize with the WebSphere Process Server environment and learn the key factors that govern it. With good trainers on its team, infrastructural advantages and dedication to the field of learning, Shalom continues to empower students across the world to learn better at much lower rates.


Belonging to the IBM family of products, the WebSphere Process Server is an important component that offers plenty of scope for efficient service oriented architecture through its universal invocation model and common data representation. The platform offers a high deal of flexibility for users also and allows companies to easily integrate their existing systems with new applications. With this great scope and increasing usage of the WebSphere family of products, it has become imperative for many students to gather expertise on this subject.


Training on WebSphere Process Server at Shalom is organized in an easy to understand manner. Handled completely by subject experts, our trainers use interactive training methodologies like audio clips, videos, web sessions, webinars and a host of other tools that make learning easier and most efficient. Combined with this is the fact that our course timings are flexible and made to suit the learner rather than the other way round. Also, they are much more cost effective, helping to impart maximum knowledge in the minimal time frames.


Teaching on the WebSphere Process Server at Shalom is broken down into manageable modules. These capsules, allow for easy understanding of the subject and take learners from the simple to the complex. Once a part of the training course, you will learn to implement your lessons quickly, practically and efficiently. The modules covered include,

Please Find the Course Contents for websphere Process Server Training:

WebSphere Process Server Training
Course introduction

  • Overview of WebSphere Process Server
  • WebSphere Process Server installation
  • WebSphere Process Server components
  • WebSphere Process Server deployment topologies
  • Introduction to the service integration bus
  • WebSphere Process Server problem determination

  • Service integration bus and Service Component Architecture
  • Business process choreography concepts
  • Business process choreography runtime overview
  • Introduction to Business Space
  • Human tasks
  • Business rules and selectors

  • Introduction to the Common Event Infrastructure
  • WebSphere Process Server template-driven deployment
  • High Availability Manager, core groups, and policies
  • Advanced service integration bus configuration
  • WebSphere Process Server advanced topologies
  • Course summary